GAAPS has contributed to and been the subject of numerous articles in national and industry publications including; The Actuary, Professional Pensions, Financial Times and Executive Grapevine. Anonymousprnt::Y
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Published Articles

GAAPS Actuarial has contributed to and been the subject of numerous articles in national and industry publications. The list that follows is not exhaustive, but outlines some of the most significant pieces.

The Actuary: October 2012 To be or not to be an Actuary
Career advice regarding actuaril jobs for graduates from Dr Geraldine Kaye

Inside Careers: 2011 Key Skills required by employers
Dr Geraldine Kaye describes her own experiences to shed some light on the skills needed.

The Actuary: 1 June 2010 Recruitment: Avoiding the Age Trap
Hannah Kaye and Sima Varsani consider what you can and can't say when advertising actuarial jobs

The Actuary: 1 May 2010 Snaps with GAAPS Actuarial  2010: Competition results
Congratulations to the winners of our photography competition.

Yell.Com: 2 March 2010 Actuaries ‘help make financial sense of the future’
Risk management is a key area of their work. But when is it necessary to employ an actuary?

The Actuary: 1 October 2009 People moves

GAAPS Actuarial stengthens its non-life team with the addition of Jane Weiss who joins from Aon where she was head of Actuarial Services.

Financial Times: 28 September 2009 Call For Action to Ensure Trustee Independence
David Johnson discusses why it is in the interest of all UK taxpayers to see pension schemes adopt stronger standards of governance and a new, higher level of professionalism free of costly conflicts of interest.

Financial Times: (Letter) 12 Aug 2009 More independent trustees needed
Dr Geraldine Kaye highlights the need for corporate pension schemes to appoint more independent trustees.

Recruiter: 11 Aug 2009 GAAPS buys out Interim GAAPS minority shareholder

Executive Grapevine: 6 Aug 2009 GAAPS buys out minority shareholder in Interim GAAPS

Professional Pensions: 30 July 2009 Financial fallout of credit crunch exposes serious trustees skills deficit
Trustee GAAPS warns that the current financial crisis is leaving trustees exposed to a serious skills deficit.

Professional Pensions: 30 July 2009 Trustees Need Trust, Not Regulation
In the wake of Lord Myners decision to study theology, the government needs to learn to trust trustees more and to regulate less.

The Actuary: 1 July 2009 Working overseas: Entry requirements
Tim McMahon takes us through the government’s new visa regulations for international actuaries keen to work in the UK

The Actuary: 1 July 2009 Working overseas: Recession? What recession?
Marcus Vaughan reports on opportunities in the Asia Pacific region

Pensions Week: 19 May 2008 Trustee boards should not leave the conflicts of interest issue to boil over
David Johnson discusses how the problem has become such a pressing concern that the Pensions Regulator felt obliged to intervene.

Financial Times: 11 May 2008 Schemes say trustees are harder to recruit
The number of UK pension plans facing difficulties in recruiting trustees is growing as the conflict of interest between the roles of company director and trustee comes under scrutiny.

The Actuary India: May 2008 Can You Hear the Thunder?
The Indian Insurance Industry has experienced rapid expansion. The term “expansion” is often somewhat overused, but in India’s case, its meaning has much greater depth!

<The Actuary: 1 May 2009 La Nuit Des Actuaires
An evening of laughter in Paris

The Actuary: 1 May 2009 Pensions: Conference preview: Weathering the storm
Martin Hewitt and Alison Tyndall preview the 2009 Pensions Conference that takes place at the Queen’s Hotel in Leeds on 3-5 June

Talent and Pro: April 2009 Innovative Distribution Channels
Three major figures in the Financial Industry discusss their views on innovative distribution channels.

The Actuary: 1 April 2009 Book review: The Ascent of Money
Dr Geraldine Kaye reviews The Ascent of Money by Niall Ferguson

Pensions World: April 2009 Who's in the Chair?
Independent Trustees will become a necessity rather than a luxury in the future for pension schemes in 2009, says David Johnson, Trustee GAAPS.

The Actuary India: March 2008 Fly Like a Butterfly...
Dr Rakesh Mohan (Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India) has stated that things are getting ‘pretty hot’ in India. The question that naturally follows is: what does this growth mean for the Insurance Industry?

The Actuary: 29 January 2009 Careers: Career clinic
We put your careers questions to a special panel assembled by The Actuary

The Actuary: 1 December 2008 Careers: Why can't we forecast our own future?
Dr Geraldine Kaye shares some industry views on the absence of the actuarial profession from the Home Office occupation shortage list

The Actuary: 1 November 2008 Careers: As good as New… Zealand!
Sima Varsani interviews George Carter and Joe Benbow about the opportunities for UK actuaries in New Zealand

The Actuary: 1 November 2008 Pensions: Conflicts of interest
David Johnson exposes the conflicts of interest faced by pensions fund trustees in the current economic environment

The Actuary: (Letter) 1 September 2008 Shortage of actuaries?
John Hylands responds to Dr Geraldine Kaye about The Actuarial Profession’s stance on the National Shortage Occupation List.

The Actuary: (Letter) 1 August 2008  Information underload
Dr Geraldine Kaye reports a potential actuarial skills shortage due to changes to UK immigration legislation.

The Actuary: 1 August 2008 Careers: Australia for actuaries
Sima Varsani writes about her recent secondment in Brisbane

The Actuary: 1 July 2008 Whither the with-profits actuary?
Survey reveals increased outsourcing of WPA role

The Actuary: 1 June 2008 A Worshipful wet weekend in Wollishofen
Worshipful Company's Zurich trip

The Financial Times: 30 March 2008 Plan to control trustees meets opposition
Pensions Regulator proposes that pension scheme trustees who have conflicts of interest should withdraw from key discussions or resign from the board.

The Actuary: 28 February 2008 Life: The death of the with-profits actuary?
Dr Geraldine Kaye explores what has happened in the three years since the role of the appointed actuary was abolished

Professional Pensions: 05 Dec 2007 Clearance application ‘collapse’ ups pressure on trustee whistle-blowers
The sharp fall in clearance applications to The Pensions Regulator suggests firms are too complacent about scheme risks.

The Actuary: 1 November 2007 2007 a year of challenge for trustees
David Johnson provides a plain person’s guide to the challenges that today’s trustees are facing.

Recruiter: 17 sep 2008 How to... Help your candidate relocate abroad
Sima Varsani gives some practical advise on helping candidates to relocate abroad.

The Actuary: 28 May 2007 Careers: Contractors and the law
Sima Varsani reports on proposed legislative changes that mean contractors need to think carefully about their operating status and options

The Actuary: 1 December 2006 Work permits

The Actuary: 1 December 2006 Act your age!
Sima Varsani explains the Age Discrimination Act and its potential costs and risks.

The Actuary: 1 August 2004 Louise Gergel Fellowship

The Actuary: 1 April 2004 Fitter happier / Tomorrow's actuary
Louis Manson and Antony Buxton, reflect on highlights of the 2003 Younger Members’ Convention, held in Glasgow. / Mark Pattison provides a delegate’s view of the second Younger Members’ Convention.

The Actuary: 1 May 2002 Defying the stereotypes
The latest GAAPS survey produced a comprehensive picture of the way actuaries see themselves, and dispelled a few myths. Geraldine Kaye outlines the findings.

The Actuary: 1 January 2002 Life after SIPS
Geraldine Kaye sees opportunities for pension review actuaries after June 2002.

The Actuary: 1 July 2001 Recruitment and the law
Employers risk being accused of discriminatory practice if they avoid considering applicants who are seeking work permits in the UK. Jane Hannan and Geraldine Kaye explain.

The Actuary: 1 August 2000 Appointed actuaries salary survey
Geraldine Kaye outlines the findings of the fourth GAAPS annual salary survey.

The Times: 1 February 2000 Actuaries seek a new image
Even as more markets introduce actuaries, the profession seeks to broaden its horizons.

Financial Times: 18 January 2000 Pensions scandal creates actuaries shortage
The pensions industry imports South African actuaries to help complete a review that will cost an estimated £12bn.

The Actuary: 1 January 2000 General insurance salary survey
Geraldine Kaye summarises the latest findings.

Pensions Management: November 1999 'GAAPS launches recruitment site 'Link to the article
GAAPS set up a new web site dedicated to recruiting actuaries for pensions review work.

Professional Pensions: 30 September 1999 'Pay disparity rising among actuaries'
The gap between pay levels for part-qualified and fully qualified actuaries is widening.

The Sunday Times: 12 September 1999 'Financial Appointments'
Insurers splash out on pay for actuaries. Link to the article

Insurance Times: 9 September 1999 'Actuaries proving to be worth their weight in gold.'
Dr Geraldine Kaye looks at actuaries in the General Insurance industry, where they work and what they can earn.

Sunday Times: 11 July 1999 'Life companies muzzle their watchdogs.'
Article in Financial Appointments about how actuaries, whose job it is to protect policyholders' interests are being sidelined by their employers.

The Actuary: July 1999 'Could contracting be out?'
Dr Geraldine Kaye discusses the future of contract work and the implications for work visas in the UK.

Money Marketing: 15 April 1999 'Profession strikes a different figure.'
A look at the financial services industry after the pensions review and its growing need for actuaries.

Recruiter Focus: 10 March 1999 'Niche work.'
A look at the growing role of the niche consultancy in the executive search sector.

The Actuary: January/February 1999 'Know your recruiter.'
Guidance for those seeking to employ the services of a recruitment consultancy

Financial Advisor: 22 October 1998 'Hunter or farmer, which are you?'

Post Magazine: 17 September 1998 'It pays to be in General.'

Professional Pensions: 27 August 1998 'An industry hooked on actuarial skills.'

Pensions World: August 1998 'Blessed are the recruiters.'

Financial Times: 22 July 1998 'Actuaries and their incomes are getting more exciting.'

Financial Times: 14 1998 'A new lease of life.'

Money Marketing: 7 May 1998 'Is the number up for highly paid actuaries?'

Insurance: May 1998 'A future in safe hands.'

Interviewer: 27 March 1998 'Accountant and actuary candidates are in very short supply.'

Financial Mail on Sunday: 15 February 1998 'Mouth-watering sums in store for today's actuaries.'

The Sunday Times: 30 November 1997 'Actuaries break out of their shell.'

Financial Advisor: 6 November 1997 'Actuaries become hot property.'

Financial Advisor: 11 September 1997 'Actuaries are in short supply.'

Professional Pensions: 28 August 1997 'The right agency for the job.'

Financial Advisor: 31 July 1997 'IFA's face soaring actuary bills.'

Insurance Times: 26 June 1997 'Filling the GAAPS.'

Professional Pensions: 26 June 1997 'Pensions actuaries lack earning power.'

The Times: 23 June 1997 'Lawyers beaten by insurance actuaries in wage league.'

Post Magazine: 27 February 'Financial footing.'

The Actuary: January/February 1997 'By appointment to...'


Post Magazine: 22 August 1996 'Room at the inn.'

Financial Advisor: 16 November 1995 'Actuarially, what adds up in demand and supply?'

Financial Times: (Letter) 5 August 1995 'Price of a loan default.'

The Actuary: January/February 1995 'Ethical recruitment.'

Kaye Money Marketing: January 1995 'Demand outstrips supply in actuarial success story.'

The Daily Telegraph: January 1995 'Living beyond their means.'

Pensions Management: June 1994 Careers Section The careers prospects for young actuaries look rosy now the recession is over.

Financial Advisor: 24 March 1994 'Mum's the word for headhunter.'

The Actuary: September 1992 'What the employer wants.'

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